About Us


YAK Adventures organizes kayak fishing trips and social events to support veterans and first responders with PTSD. 

YAK Adventures was started by two kayaking and fishing enthusiasts in Baltimore Maryland. With their increasing passion for watersports adventures, they realized that they can share this experiences with others. We learned about kayaking in the Baltimore region, which is home to dozens of kayaking clubs and groups.

       Multiple studies have shown that exercise may give the person(s) suffering from PTSD a break from difficult emotions. It may distract them from painful memories or worries. Perhaps most important, exercise can improve self-esteem. It may create feelings of personal control. Being able to share personal experiences, coping methods, and the bond you forge will also help the participants (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs).

YAK Adventures brings a unique format to events which allows all experience levels to enjoy the outdoors. By combining various kayaking options with an entertainment aspect that will foster faithful participants that will continue to grow yearly.

Our mission is to offer our participants a fun, safe, unique, and enjoyable experience, which directly support organizations providing rehabilitation to veterans and first responders.